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Smolani & Me Part 2: “Maybe If We’re Nice To Them, They Won’t Want...

Why the West has such an abysmal track record in the Middle East

Fail! Pro-Palestinian Company Admitting Jewish Ties To Israel

Either an inadvertent mistake or incredible chutzpah

Malcolm Gladwell Has Some Explaining To Do

It's pretty incredible how the publisher and their editors can conveniently ignore history like this.

Terror-ble Palestinian Kindergarten Plays

These repugnant child abuse cases are more widespread than you think

Gaza Kindergarten Play From Hell

Another generation is indoctrinated with hate and bloodlust in Gaza

Reader Post: AFC Substitution: In – Palestine, Out – Israel

Who says sports and politics don’t mix?

Own Goal! Spectacular Anti-Israel Propaganda Fail

Once again, the anti-Israel crowd screw up, because at the end of the day, they cannot rely on facts and truth, which conspire against their entire narrative

Top 8 Images Anti-Israel Groups Need To Stop Using

These pictures would be quite effective if they didn't expose your gross ignorance of history.

Get Your Act Together, Google

That moment Israeli agricultural communities are moved by Google to Palestine

Palestinian Bold-Faced Lie Of The Day

Palestinian Dr. confirmed: there were no rockets

New Israel Fund Rushes To Help, Sends Anti-Israel Protesters

"Pro-Israel" New Israel Fund approves emergency grant to fund anti-Israel protests. Israel slow to show appreciation.

Blood Libel, It’s What’s for Dinner

No subtle hints of Jew hatred at this Seattle rally as a shocking poster depicting a Jew eating a gentile child bobbed happily above the crowd.


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