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BDS: When losing is winning.

Why did BDS have such an epic fail in the heart of Rachel Corrie Country? Zion Mike has the answer.

Devin Does Israel = Major BDS Fail

SJP bullies kvetch about UCLA leaders going on pro-Israel trips. Turns out SJP's own candidate went on one of those naughty Israel trips. Hilarity ensues.

Damned If We Do, Damned If We Don’t

What do you think happens when you build your home in an army live fire training zone?
image Palestine Symphony, photo Palestine, picture Palestine

Truth about Palestine: The Symphony

All 73 musicians in The Palestine Symphony were Jews.

Reader Post: Embrace Divestment And Win

Reader Michael argues the best defense is a good offense

Hani And His Pet Rock Named Palistone (Updated With Video)

A man finds a slab of limestone that resembles Israel, Palestinian media start fantasizing.

UK MP Erasing Israel: Grahame Morris

Keep Calm and Push The Jews Into The Sea. #freepalestine #israelnomore

Danny Ayalon With More Real Truth About Palestine

I don’t think the girls are going to like this.

AccuWeather: Not So Accu

Ariel is located in which country?

Pinch Me: I Don’t Exist

It seems the entire world recognizes Palestine, a state that doesn't exist, while Israel, a sovereign nation, has a question mark hanging over its head.

Young Palestinians Post The “Real” Truth About Palestine In Response To Danny Ayalon

Only it is NOT the real truth and I show you why

Lou Reed’s Authentic Jewish Story

Lou Reed was one of the tribe. But was he invested?


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