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Jews Suck At Cultural Genocide

The Quds Bank, the Hebron Branch of the Bank of Palestine and the Arab Islamic Bank

Gay Rights In Palestine? Lets Rename It Imaginistan

I’m told there is a Muslim country which treats gays with as much openness and tolerance as Israel: it’s called Imaginistan.
Mahmoud Abbas

Abbas Admits Palestinians Are Actually Jordanians

Mahmoud Abbas: Palestinians & Jordanians one people in two states

You Say Palestine I say Zionist Entity

In an Israellycool exclusive we can now reveal the next version of the page for Israel's variant of Google: google.co.il

These Are Not The PSC Jew Haters You Were Looking For

Don't worry we haven't lost our minds, we're sending traffic to http://palestinesolidaritycampaign.com/

Reasons To Support A Palestinian State: Green Commuting

Handy placement of Fajr-5 launch sites means workers can walk to work! Good for the environment and oh so green.

The Official Government Of Israel Response To The UNGA Resolution

Anachronistic, but relevant as ever.

How To Bake A Terrorist

2 cups Media Gullibility, 1 cup whitewashing liquid, a dab of criminal journalism, add anti-Semitism by taste. Stir for 64 years, and bake in a useful idiot for 9 months.

Nakba Poster Revisited

More observations on the Nakba poster

Nazi Pallywood 1938 And Fake Italian Charity Workers

Travelling cinema vans showed the Arabs faked pictures of Jews killing Arabs

Fatah Official Slams Fayyad, Seeks Israel’s Destruction

Fatah’s Najat Abu Bakr has slammed Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad. She also has a problem with Israel's existence.

Will Mahmoud Abbas Return to Ramallah?

Arabic news sites are buzzing over a report that Mahmoud Abbas has decided that he will not return to Ramallah following his European trip.

Quote Of The Day

Iranian ambassador to Egypt Mojtaba Amani reveals something that is hardly a secret to those of us paying attention


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