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Today’s Blood Libel: The Case of the ‘Detained’ Palestinian Child

A number of Israel hate sites are disseminating a video that does not seem to show what they are claiming it shows

Blood Libel of the Day: Just a Bad Driver Edition

More chutzpah from Israel hate site Palestinian Information Center

Latest Blood Libel: The Kidnapping & Beating Of Time-Traveling Palestinian Youth

Of course not much of this makes sense because the palestinians and their supporters lie

Blood Libel of The Day: Injured Palestinian Kids Edition

How fishy does this sound?

Latest Pallywood Blood Libel: Tower Of Babble Edition

Another blood water libel

New Water Libel: Cry Me A Pool Edition

There's been a new water libel in town, and unlike the old one, there's no fictitious rabbis involved.

Latest Blood Libel: Sunday, The Rabbi Decreed Poison The Palestinians’ Water

Where I destroy the latest water blood libel

Debunking the #FloodLibel

Debunking the annual Flood Libel is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Palestinian Christmas Blood Libel: The Jews Shot Santa!

Pallywood, Christmas style

Blood Libel: The Case Of The Torturing “Settlers”

Where I counter yet another lie

Latest Blood Libel: The Death of Hashem al-Azzeh

Suffering from bad health? No problem, blame your death on Israel!

Latest Blood Libel: The Case Of Mohammed Abu Latifa (Updated)

Once again, we are confronted with obvious lies

Latest Blood Libel: The Case Of Yahiya Sami al-Amudi

What really happened to this 10-year old boy?


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