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Asking David Ward: How Many Palestinians Were Killed In Paris?

Showing solidarity with #Palestinians when it’s Jews dying in Paris. That’s David Ward MP.

BBC Tim Willcox Has To Find A Way To Blame Jews For Being Attacked...

Palestine, Palestinians, occupation, Gaza, settlements, apartheid.

Phillips Talks To Poller, Dyer & Murray On France, Terror And Islam

Not one, not two but three great interviews by Melanie Phillips on Voice of Israel.

World Leaders At Paris Rally In Honor Of Terror Attack Victims

And some had no business being there

Stop The Genocide In Paristine!

As peace-loving Israelis we robustly protest this senseless violence which is a threat to world-order.

The Gaulestinians Want Their Indigenous Lands Back

End the illegal occupation of the Left Bank of the Seine!

Mark Steyn Gives Fox The Benefit Of His Wisdom

These terrorists all have something in common and John Kerry and Obama are not prepared to address it.

When Muslims Speak Honestly About Islam

And for the sake of peace among men, that one should not say to his fellow, “My father is greater than yours”

Jews Fight Back Against Muslim Mob In Paris

Sometimes you just need to fight back.

One Night in Paris

French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner talks to Norwegian Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Stoere at a dinner at the foreign ministry in Paris.. Kouchner: "Who the...


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