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security blocking Jerusalem traffic

Photo Essay: “Hell” In Jerusalem This Passover

Passover crowds, streets shut and I was back where I had started.

Free From The Bondage Of Matzah

A super-easy recipe for Passover rolls

Celebrity Passover Tweets

Some Passover-related tweets from Jewish and non-Jewish celebrities alike

Happy Passover

My traditional pre-Passover postapalooza

It’s Passover, Easter and Ridvan, Let’s Throw Rocks

Under Jordanian occupation, the Old City was off limits to all Jews, now tens of thousands of visitors arrive

Happy Passover

My traditional pre-Passover post

Reader Post: Got Israel at Your Seder?

Let the Israel Forever Foundation bring the Israel Connection to your Seder ceremony

Passover: Beware of Google Translate

What happened to those Bloody beans?

I’m An IDF Soldier

Happy and Kosher Passover to our wonderful soldiers, and to the entire Jewish people and our friends in Israel and throughout the world.

Silverstein Living On A Prayer (Shawl)

Richard Silverstein mocks John McCain for ignorance on Judaism, yet displays some of it himself

Celebrity Passover Tweets

Some tweets from celebrities who are either Jewish and you knew it, are Jewish and you didn't, or aren't Jewish but some of their best friends are

Happy Passover

My traditional pre-Passover post


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