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Palestinian Students Get Their Hitler Salute On

Quds News Network have posted this photo on their Arabic page: students marking the 52nd anniversary of the establishment of terror group PFLP at Bir-Zeit University in Ramallah

PFLP Reportedly Downed Drone…Belonging to Islamic Jihad

If this report is to be believed, we might just have found yet another terrorists dronego

Paypal No Longer Working with Terror Pals BDS South Africa

Is Paypal blocking BDS South Africa because of their terrorist connection?

BDS South Africa’s Muhammed Desai Deletes Post Admitting to Collaboration with PFLP Terrorists

Muhammed Desai, the Director of BDS South Africa, has deleted his post admitting to collaboration with terrorists

Muhammed Desai of BDS South Africa Admits to Working With Rep. of Terrorist Organization

What a shame for the BDS Movement that some of their own like Desai cannot help themselves.

Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah Posts Tribute to Lod Airport Massacre Terrorist

The Fatah party of our "peace partner" Mahmoud Abbas has published a tribute to Japanese Red Army terrorist Kōzō Okamoto

Terror Org PFLP Masquerading as Human Rights Org: Part Five

Besides their personnel who are either PFLP members or collaborate with PFLP members, ADDAMEER has shown its true, terrorist colors with their support of terrorists, whether from the PFLP or other terror organizations

Terror Org PFLP Masquerading as Human Rights Org: Part Four

A deeper look at the terrorist connections of Sahar Francis, ADDAMEER’s Director

Terror Org PFLP Masquerading as Human Rights Org: Part Three

More PFLP connections for JVP's friends ADDAMEER

Terror Org PFLP Masquerading as Human Rights Org: Part Two

Where I show how the ADDAMEER board, assembly and staff members - past and present - have PFLP affiliations

Terror Org PFLP Masquerading as Human Rights Org: Part One

While ADDAMEER presents itself as a human rights organization, it is actually the PFLP using the guise of humanitarian work to hide its illicit activities and infiltrate the United States

Talk About a Smoking Gun! BDS Umbrella Group Has Financial Ties to Palestinian Terror...

Thanks to a new report by Tablet, we now have proof of a financial relationship between a prominent BDS group and terrorist organizations

ISM Commemorates International Women’s Day With Tribute to Terrorist

The ISM, who claim they are all about "Non-violence", let down their guard on International Women's Day


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