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photo display of fresh vegetbles

Photo of the Day: Vegetables in the Shuk

See if you can identify all of these vegetables
image M Abbas on screen talking of Israel ethnic cleaning Jerusalem

Fires Stoked And Flames Going, Not Just in Jerusalem

Official PA media is urging young people to be violent.
Idan Raichel band playing for Masa mega event

It’s Raining, It’s Pouring, but Smile

To brighten your rainy or change of clock day
image of road show at start

Jerusalem Formula Road Show Stunt Super Stars

Jerusalem Formula Road Show beautiful cars and stunning stunts
image Eid Al-Adha Al Quds

Photo of the Day: Holiday Time in Jerusalem

Muslims have arrived in Al-Quds for Eid al-Adha
image map of Israel in British Mandate 1922

Map of Israel that Could Get World Attention

Jordan would not be happy, but it would make world headlines
image Silwan sign in Arabic only

Rewriting History: Silwan

Arab riots in Silwan forced Jews out of their homes
image Gays Israel

Photo of the Day: Rainbow Flags

Rainbow colored flags flying over Jerusalem

Tony Bennett with Lady GaGa in Israel

Backstage with @ladygaga - Shalom from Israel
image apartheid Israel

Photo of the Day: Israel Bank Apartheid

Jaffa Road was getting back to old routine
image safe play space in Sderot for children to play

Children of Sderot Safe in 15 Seconds

Which child do you choose to take to safety in 15 seconds?
image Muslim girls in Israel

Photo of the Day: Arab Girls Eat Falafel Outside

Arab girls sitting outside at a table in one of popular felafel places
image Shimon Peres

Photo of the Day: Israeli Doves

A dove, known world-wide as messenger of peace and tolerance
image Israeli soldier

Israel Under Fire: 15 Seconds

Tired of hearing reporters exclaim how Israel has had so few causalities
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