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A Weak Bond

Actor Daniel Craig, the man who has replaced Pierce Brosnan as James Bond, has some very big shoes to fill. And it would seem...

Celebrity Trash Talking

Celebrities claim they hate gossip, but as the New York Post's Page Six reminds us, they can dish it out with the best of...

For Your Viewing Pleasure: Adam Sandler’s 3rd Chanuka Song

Here.   And how can you go wrong with an Elvis-impersonating Rob Schneider?

Giving Someone a Bad Name

With the naming of my son to take place - G-d willing - on Thursday, I can divulge that none of the below names...

Trials and Tribulations

Today we have two verdicts for the price of one.   While Scott Peterson is looking forward to an eternity with 'the roaring tiger', Robert Blake...

Power of the Dude

There is more to dude than meets the eye... Dude, you've got to read this.   A linguist from the University of Pittsburgh has published a scholarly...

Elvis Costello on Iraq and Israel

As regular readers will know, I am a huge Elvis Costello fan. Today, I was prompted by the following two unrelated posts to find out...


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