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Alice Cooper Be Heading To Israel

No chickens were hurt in the making of this post

Legends Of Tomorrow: Subtle Jab At Palestinian Terror

What happens when I am taking a break from blogging

Jenny Heading To Our Block

American singer and actress Jennifer Lopez will perform in Israel for the first time this summer

David Bowie: 1947 – 2016

In his honor, footage from his 1996 concert tour of Israel

Deep Purple vs The Wimps (Part 2)

For the sixth time, rock legends Deep Purple are coming to Israel

New York Post Applauds Bon Jovi For Standing Up To “Boycott Buffoons”

Nice work NY Post editorial board for this op-ed on Bon Jovi standing up to Roger Waters and his merry band of BDSHoles

Israel’s Nadav Guedj Steps Through To Eurovision Final

The song and reactions to his performance. And footwear.

Robbie Williams Arrives In Israel To Entertain Us. Take That, Roger Waters!

Surely Waters has to realize he is becoming increasingly irrelevant

The Who’s Pete Townshend: Philosemite And Israel Supporter

Stick that in your pipe and smoke it, Roger Waters!


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