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BDS Fail Of The Day: Return Of The Bad Karaoke

Looking ridiculous and sounding even worse while attempting to sing

BDSHoles Hit A Wall In Attempt To Get Suzanne Vega To Boycott Israel

BDSHoles, feel free to continue wasting your time

Katy Perry And Madonna Speak Out Against Antisemitism

With many celebrities seeming to side with evil these days, those who speak out against it deserve props

Where Roger Waters Attacks Israellycool

Roger Waters is not a fan of the site. Here's my response.

Alan Parsons Rips Waters For Not Honoring Request To Keep His Issue With His...

So Alan Parsons reveals the contents of his original letter to Waters

Alan Parsons Continues With Project Perform In Israel

Roger Waters never stood a chance

Roger Waters Try To Project His Israel Hatred On To Alan Parsons. Fails Miserably...

Waters hits a wall in his efforts to win over Alan Parsons

New Pink Floyd Album Features BDSHole Who Is NOT Roger Waters

Not news: There is a BDSHole on Pink Floyd's latest album. News: It is NOT Roger Waters

Lady Gaga Not Bringing Too Much Shalom With This Greeting

Lady Gaga is coming to Israel, and has excited her Israeli fans while pissing off her Arab ones with this video message

One Direction’s Harry Styles: Pro-Israel?

The Hebrew Hammer?

Photo Of The Day: Holy Justin Timberlake Edition

From Justin Timberlake's Instagram

The Rolling Stones Performing In Israel On Advice Of Dylan

Like a Rolling Stone? He clearly likes all of them

Roger Waters Gathers Mason To Urge Rolling Stones To Boycott Israel

Roger Waters is not the only Pink Floyd member who needs an education


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