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How Swede it Is! One of Greatest Electric Guitar Players of All Time Performing...

Yngwie Malmsteen may look like he has a first name missing a vowel, but boy could he play guitar. And he's coming to Israel.

The Beach Boys’ Brian Wilson: I Just Love The People of Israel, a “Beautiful...

Ahead of his concert in Israel next week, Beach Boys founder Brian Wilson has sent some really good vibrations our way

WATCH: Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider: “We Should Have Been Here (In Israel) Earlier”

Dee expresses his regret at having not been in Israel before - especially considering two band members were Jews!

WATCH: A-Ha “We Disagree With Their [BDS’] Way of Doing Things”

In an interview with Israel's Walla!, A-ha have made comments opposing BDS, with lead singer Morten Harket also speaking about a connection with Israel.

A-ha Says No-No To BDS

The world famous Norwegian band reveals there was never any question about playing here and ignoring boycott calls.

WATCH: Enrique Iglesias Hearts Israel

He truly seems to be a chip off the old block

Lorde’s Decision to Boycott Israel Seems to Have Really Hurt….Lorde

According to well-known American film critic and entertainment news journalist Roger Friedman, Lorde's upcoming US tour is a royal bust, thanks to her BDS-holing

WATCH: Israel’s 2018 Eurovision Entry

This unique song by Israeli singer Netta is apparently the bookie's favorite.

Ozzy Osborne Particularly Looking Forward to Playing in Israel of All Places

In an interview with Ozzy Osborne about why he has decided to stop touring, one part sticks out

Ringo Starr To Perform in Israel

Here is some more news that will no doubt cause Roger Waters to hit his head against a wall (or one can only hope)

LISTEN: Morrissey’s ‘Israel’

And naturally the Guardian reviewer does not like it

Morrissey: “[Israelis] Are Very Generous and Friendly…[BDS] is Absurd and Narrow-Minded”

Morrissey continues to stand strongly with Israel

Ozzy Osbourne To Perform In Israel

While I am sure the concert is going to be entertaining, I suspect the press conference will also be


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