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Ozzy Osborne Particularly Looking Forward to Playing in Israel of All Places

In an interview with Ozzy Osborne about why he has decided to stop touring, one part sticks out

Ringo Starr To Perform in Israel

Here is some more news that will no doubt cause Roger Waters to hit his head against a wall (or one can only hope)

LISTEN: Morrissey’s ‘Israel’

And naturally the Guardian reviewer does not like it

Morrissey: “[Israelis] Are Very Generous and Friendly…[BDS] is Absurd and Narrow-Minded”

Morrissey continues to stand strongly with Israel

Ozzy Osbourne To Perform In Israel

While I am sure the concert is going to be entertaining, I suspect the press conference will also be

Boy George’s Reflections on Israel

A mixture of witty, playful and complimentary of Israel

Boy George Rips BDS-Holes at Nostalgic Israel Concert

While wearing his Star of David outfit, of course

Why I Continue to Love Alan Parsons

No doubt this will get up Roger Waters' nose

Boy George Determined to Play in Israel Despite “Abuse We Get”

Kudos to George for his enthusiasm to play in Israel

Morrissey Has Two Songs Referencing Israel On His Upcoming Album

The latest news to make Roger Waters' blood pressure reading go through the roof.

WATCH: Friday Afternoon Israeli Jazz

Check out The Hazelnuts


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