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Sealed with A Kiss Bite

Beware the angry singer.     Methinks ABC 7 News may have a lawsuit on their hands.

Reuters Captions You Are Not Likely to See (or Material Bird)

Performing at the Live 8 concert, Madonna had a message for Shmuley Boteach

Whacko’s Lesson

It seems like Michael Jackson may have finally learned that sleeping with children in your bed is not a good thing. Well, kind of. Michael...

A Free Man

A hearty mazal tov to Michael Jackson, who was just cleared of child sex abuse and other charges today.   The big question is: can he...

Quick One-Liner of the Day

Michael Jackson's defence rests   I just hope they make sure they are not resting in the same bed as Michael.

Young Ambassador

Meet 18-year-old Israeli Jason Danino-Holt, MTV Europe's soon-to-be youngest ever host.   Jason becomes the third ever Israeli host of MTV, following in the footsteps of...

Paul Hester 1959-2005

Former Crowded House and Split Enz drummer Paul Hester has committed suicide, at the age of 46.   By all accounts, Paul was more than just...

Eurovision Intrigue

Question: What could possibly make the usually dull* Eurovision song contest more interesting than the threat of Lebanon withdrawing over Israel's participation?**   Answer: France being...

Headline You Will Not See

Michael Jackson Pleads Guilty,   Blames it on the Boogie

Baptism of Fire

Wild-boy-turned-good-boy,  Brian "Head" Welch, who you read about on this blog two weeks ago, has made his commitment to religion official. Ex-metal guitarist Brian "Head"...


It is not every day that a guitarist with a metal band becomes a born-again Christian. But this is just what has happened with...

He is Now on the Go Go

The Internet Movie Database reports: Legendary singer George Michael is quitting the pop world for good in favor of taking a more "behind the scenes"...

Another Comeback

Oh no! Yoko Ono has made it to the top of the US dance charts at the age of 71.   Yoko Ono, the widow of former...


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