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Aussie Dave’s Poster Time

Some food for thought for Stephen Hawking....by Stephen Hawking

Aussie Dave Poster Time

Inspired by today's news

Life’s A Drag Under Hamas

Following on the heels of this post from yesterday, you just knew someone was going to have to make this poster

Spot The Difference: The Poster

My post contrasting our attitude towards our children vs the palestinians' approach now in poster form for those of you who have been known to attend pro-Israel parades and anti-BDS protests.

Calling For More Honesty From The Anti-Israel Crowd

When you speak about "From the River to the Sea", this is what you really mean

The Chair

Question: When is an empty chair newsworthy?

Aussie Dave’s Poster Time #10

With Lebanon's next Prime Minister Najib Mikati being a Sunni backed by the Shiite Hezbollah, my next effort practically wrote itself.
farfur poster

Aussie Dave’s Poster Time #9

I set my sights on palestinian incitement

Aussie Dave’s Poster Time #8

It's time for the Turkey to come home to roost
ahava poster

Aussie Dave’s Poster Time #7

Inspired by yesterday's BDS fail
terrorist grandmas poster

Aussie Dave’s Poster Time #6

For those who thought my previous posters were missing a grandma..or five.
hamas baby poster

Aussie Dave’s Poster Time #5

Yeah I know. I shouldn't quit my day job.
qassam poster

Aussie Dave’s Poster Time #4

The fourth in what is sure to be an award-winning series
hamas poster

Aussie Dave’s Poster Time #3

The third in the series.


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