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12,000+ Rally In Johannesburg For Israel

Massive support from Johannesburg.

From Gaza 2014 Back To Jerusalem 1948

"6,000 Jews died in that war, an immense 1% of the then population of 600,000"

Breaking: Soldier Probably Kidnapped During Ceasefire

It’s hard to fathom the depths of these people.
Palestinian gunmen

Tales Of Lethal Journalism: Spanish Steps

The inside story from a Spanish journalist just back from Gaza.

United Nations Rocket Warehousing Agency (Again)

THIRD admission of weapons concealment by, what shall be forthwith known as, the United Nations Rocket Warehousing Agency (UNRWA)

Stop The War Protests In Gaza Stopped

How do you stop a stop the war protest? With bullets of course, if you are Hamas.

Lethal State Department

Lethal journalism is directly driving the actions of the Secretary of State of the US.

The Role Of Lethal Journalists In Hamas War Strategy

I hope you are all proud of yourselves, you have more blood on your hands than ever before.

Under The River To Be Free

Traffic report this morning: major delays in London following an outbreak of asshattery in the Blackwall Tunnel.

Brian Of London Does i24 News In The Morning

In which, finally, the source of Brian’s unexplained war injury is revealed.

How Hamas Is Destroying Civilian Infrastructure

Dear civilians of Gaza, Hamas is making your life a living hell. Are you ready to rise up against them yet?

Video Of The Day: The Lesson Today Is How To Die

They’re shooting from everywhere they can, including schools.

Guiding The Bombs In Gaza

Directing awesome firepower is a huge responsibility.

Photo Of The Day: Save The Children

Hospital staff holding newborn babies in the stairwell during a rocket alert siren. Because that’s what you do.


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