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The Most Intense Night Time Iron Dome Video Yet?

I’ve never seen quite so many in the sky at once as this.

Iron Dome For Kids

It’s Tili the Iron Dome missile with a special message for all the kids out there!

Reader Post: Straight To The South

Ari Playford is back with news of a direct citizen approach to helping the people under the most intense rocket barrage

And Then Israel Just Started Bombing Again For No Reason

The Guardian - "Gaza ceasefire collapses as Israel army resumes attack – live updates"

Is There A Ceasefire?

Even under rocket fire, the Startup Nation can’t help but create stuff. IsThereACeaseFire.com
Israeli flag

“I Read It With A Magnifying Glass”

Looking for any combination of the words "Hamas" and "condemn". I have failed to find it

There Are A Lot Of Children

Abort, abort, abort. Abortion saves children.

Let There Be Darkness

Or perhaps I should be invoking Exodus instead of Genesis?

BBC Noticing Israeli Concern For Civilians

How many shelters has Hamas built for ordinary people?


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