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Ramadan Scenes From “Concentration Camp” Gaza

Warning: Might distress some readers

Bibi’s Ramadan Greetings

Different in tone and style from Shimon Peres' Ramadan 'Sunscreen Song.'

Shimon Peres’ Ramadan Kareem Wishes

Ramadan greetings from Israeli President Shimon Peres

Those Lying Hamasholes

Hamas is stepping up the psychological warfare, claiming captured Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit is observing Ramadan
Hamas training camp

The Day In Israel: Wednesday Aug 18th, 2010

Following yesterday's mortar fire that injured two soldiers, the IDF did what it normally does in such situations. Strike smuggling tunnels and/or terrorist infrastructure.
hizbullah evidence

The Day In Israel: Thursday Aug 12th, 2010

A court investigating the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri has asked Hizbullah leader Hassan Nasrallah to cough up the supposed evidence he claims to have that Israel was behind the assassination.
Ynet headline

The Day In Israel: Wednesday Aug 11th, 2010

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki "Banky" moon convened a panel investigating the IDF's flotilla raid for the first time, with his spokesperson not ruling out the questioning of IDF soldiers, something to which Israel is firmly opposed.

Ways to Beat Smoking

You are probably all familiar with the health warnings on cigarette packets. You know, warnings like Smoking causes lung cancer...Smoking clogs your arteries...Smoking May...

If I Were a Foreign Press Photographer

A Palestinian boy sticks his face through a wooden cutout of a cowboy to have his picture taken at an amusement park on the...

Scenes from a Concentration Camp

In the Gaza concentration camp, palestinian children scavenge for scraps of food... ..while palestinians of all ages engage in good, clean fun.. Meanwhile, the palestinians of...

Terror Attack in Jerusalem

I have just woken up to the news that there was another terror attack in Jerusalem last night. Once again, the terrorist was an Arab...

Acid Attack

An IDF soldier has lost sight in his eye after a palestinian woman threw acid in his face, exploiting more lenient security measures at...

Seasons Greeting, Hamas Style

It's a little wordy if you ask me.


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