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To Whom Is The Temple Mount Holiest?

Do the math

More Australian Capitulation To Islamic Terrorism

Disturbing news from the old country, with the second capitulation to terror in a week

ADL Accepts Genocidal Imam’s Feeble Apology For Saying Things “Hurtful To Jews”

Shame on the ADL for accepting this clearly not genuine apology, and not going after him for hate crimes

Reader Post: US Jews, Are You ‘Woke’ Yet?

Have American Jews, when faced with a clear and present danger, lost all sense of righteous indignation and their will to live - or just their minds?

Today, I Woke Up Embarrassed To Be Israeli (Updated)

I've never been more embarrassed in my life

What Waqf, Palestinian & Muslim Reactions To Temple Mount Events Teach Us

So let's try to wrap our heads around this

Shot In The Back For Guarding A Mosque

It’s hard to say this attack had nothing to do with Islam.

Ariana Grande: To End Violence, We Must Love Our Enemies

What Ariana Grande simply doesn't get

Some Hidden Messages In Trump’s Speech To Leaders Of Numerous Islamic States

Brian's observations on President Trump's speech in Saudi Arabia

WATCH: Trump Anti-Terrorism Speech in Saudi Arabia, And My Observations

Video of the speech, followed by my comments
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