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Mainstream Media Parrots Latest Pallywood Water Libel

Journalism most lethal

Israeli Government Press Office Presents…..Luke Baker?!

A new video by the Israeli GPO has me scratching my head

Kay Wilson’s Story Makes Headlines At Huge Personal Cost

Israel is swamped with foreign journalists who all, with monotonous group think, avoid stories which don’t fit their ideological biases.
Arab neighborhood with new construction

Illegal Building Reuters Won’t Report

What Reuters won't report

Dog Journalism

Old and busted: Man bites dog New hotness: Bibi's dog bites 2 people

Luker Baker of Reuters Continues to Demonize Israel

In the wake of the Paris attacks, Luke Baker cherry picks negative things to share about Israel

Where I Personally Experience Reuters Media Bias

With reporters like this, it is no wonder we face an uphill battle in the court of public opinion.

The Demise Of Knife Man

Reuters outdo themselves

Reuters Claim Israeli Police Throwing Rocks At Israeli Forces (Updated)

Waiting for the proof of this one with baited breath.

Reuters, WaPo Fail In Reporting Abbas’s UN Security Council Push

Either these reporters did not actually read the draft resolution, or they are simply oblivious to its meaning

The Reuters Photographer Who Specialized In Bias

What a Reuters photographer finds to be "special"


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