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Forward Thinking: Ayala Shapiro? Had It Coming To Her

According to The Forward and Reuters, Ayala Shapiro deserved what happened to her. Damned settlers.

More Terror, More Media Bias

Same old story. The terrorists go after Israelis, as do the media

World News: Santa Claus, The Tooth Fairy, And Israel

Ramat Shlomo is a settlement. And in other news, yes you should put that tooth under your pillow tonight.

HuffPo Continues Reporting On “The Most Important Story On Earth”

The website is doing its part to prove Matti Friedman right

Fauxtography Of The Day: Lonesome Dove Edition

They must think we are birdbrains

Sloppy Anti-Israel Bias Of The Day (Updated)

According to the BBC, yesterday's terror attack in Jerusalem was just a grand theft auto

Damned If We Do, Damned If We Don’t

What do you think happens when you build your home in an army live fire training zone?

Dan Williams Of Reuters Shortlisted For Dishonest Journalism Award

If you want to know what killed journalism, look no further

140 Characters: Anti-Israel Propaganda

Reuters journalist would feel right at home in al-Manar

Reuters Photo Bias Of The Day

Reuters does it again

The Youngster

Propaganda, Palestine News Network style

Reuters’ Rocket Humor

Reuters has a follow-up to the rocket perfume story, and who says they don't have a sense of humor?


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