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Photo of the Day

A Palestinian girl is carried by an Israeli policeman to safety following a stampede as Palestinian women crowd the Qalandiya checkpoint near the West...

Media Bias of the Day

Palestinian former-prisoner Sonia al-Rai smiles surrounded by friends and family at the Jalama checkpoint near the West Bank city of Jenin on October 26,...

Reuters Again Trivializes Israel’s Security Concerns

More anti-Israel bias from Reuters, from a couple of days ago: Filet mignon menu brightens fearsome West Bank wall It might be a while before some...

Media Manipulation of the Day

Gulfnews reports on yesterday's terror attack in Jerusalem, peddling the "car accident" angle. But notice anything strange about the story? Israelis 'killed driver who lost control...

Mel Brooks, Call Your Lawyer

Reuters has a series of photos published this morning that depict a Ramadan play being performed in Iran: Members of Iran's Revolutionary Guard perform in...

Zooming In

As I posted yesterday, the foreign press photographers are portraying child-murderer Samir Kuntar as anything but the monster he is, taking photo after photo...


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