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Which Fascist Symbol Of Oppression Did Roger Waters Pick

Obviously Roger Waters chose to highlight the cruel injustices of Islamic oppression of minorities by putting the Islamic Crescent on a giant pig right?

Israellycool Gets Results! El Al Cancels Roger Waters Promotional Package

Where our scoop resulting in another Roger Waters fail

El Al Promoting Packages To Roger Waters Concert

From the Dumb Jews department

Roger Waters Considering His Position On The Boycott Of Israel

After having his speaking engagement cancelled by 92Y, BDSHole Roger Waters says he's reconsidering his position on the boycott of Israel

Not-So-Jolly Roger

BDSHole Roger Waters is not happy he's been silenced. But seems ok with being a hypocrite

Still Troubled Waters

Roger Waters reveals he is in talks with other musicians to boycott Israel, and intimates he was the reason Stevie Wonder backed out of last year's Friends of IDF annual gala

Getting Under Roger Water’s Nose

I think this idea's just crazy enough, it might work
kobi oz

The Wonderful Letter of Oz

Israeli musician Kobi Oz has a message for Roger Waters.

The Impeccable Timing of Roger Waters

Roger Waters needs to learn to shut his piehole.
peres freeze

The Day In Israel: Tues Oct 12th, 2010

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu yesterday offered to extend the settlement freeze in exchange for the palestinians recognizing Israel as the Jewish homeland. Only to have the offer rejected out of hand.
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