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Roger Waters Gets Roasted For Post Supporting Brutal Dictator Nicolás Maduro

Bloviating BDS-hole Roger Waters has posted a political rant in support of brutal Venezuelan dictator Nicolás Maduro - and gets roasted for his efforts

Nick Cave’s Priceless Quip About Roger Waters

Nick Cave recently held a Q&A-style speaking event in Adelaide, Australia. The subject of BDS and Roger Waters came up, given Nick's outspoken opposition to BDS. His response was priceless.

Ha’aretz Spins Roger Waters Fail as Roger Waters Win

Because Ha'aretz will be Ha'aretz

UK Pink Floyd Experience Defies Roger Waters to Play in Israel

A few night ago, the UK Pink Floyd Experience defied rock'n'roll BDS-hole Roger Waters to perform in Israel - much to Waters' chagrin.

Roger Waters Accuses Jews..Ehh, “Oligarchs”..Of Planning Invasion of Russia

Roger, it is clearly too hard to keep all that Jew hatred bottled up inside when you have too much to drink on New Year's.

Roger Waters Lashes Out At UK Pink Floyd Experience Over Decision to Play Israel...

Rock-n-roll BDS-hole and Jew-hater Roger Waters is pissed.

Pink Floyd Tribute Band Gives Roger Waters the Proverbial Finger

This is basically telling Waters to stick his prick in the wall.

Sprung! Roger Waters Caught Lying About Reason for Tribute Band Cancellation of Israel Tour

Because those without truth on their side make stuff up

Roger Waters & His Minions Harass UK Pink Floyd Experience into Dropping Israel Gig

It looks like the bullies - led by Jew hater Roger Waters - have won this time

Some “Subliminally Suggestive” Imagery from Roger Waters’ Concert?

The following was posted to the Facebook page of rock'n'roll BDS-hole Roger Waters 

Roger Waters Again Shows His Hand

Notice the hand gesture Waters made? There is a specific connotation to it

Roger Waters Alleged to Have Had Stake in Shakedown of Oil Company

As this recent report about a scam against Chevron seems to suggest, Waters has his own greed issues

WATCH: Roger Waters Booed At Brazil Concert

Rock-n-roll BDS-hole Roger Waters has been booed at the first of eight concerts in Brazil


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