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Sacha Baron Cohen Gives The Academy The Finger

Earlier this week, actor Sacha Baron Cohen was warned by the Academy that he would not be allowed to stage a publicity stunt for his latest movie, "The Dictator," at the Oscars. Seemed like a good idea at the time.

Can You Guess Where This Man Was On Saturday?

Looks can be deceiving.

Photo of the Day

I love how the caption writer felt the need to pinpoint the location of the tour guide as if you could confuse the crazy-hair...

The Day In Israel: Tuesday Dec 8th, 2009

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu yesterday told the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee that Syria is now willing to negotiate without preconditions, having...

The Day In Israel: Wed Sept 16th, 2009

Click refresh to see new updates during the day Israel has reacted strongly to the Goldstone Commission Report, calling it "nauseating" and saying it created...

Mr Bruno, Are You Trying to Seduce Me?

Former US Presidential Candidate and nasty-piece-of-work Ron Paul is not too pleased that Sacha Baron Cohen tried to seduce him in his upcoming film...

Haider’s Killer Revealed

It's official: deceased Austrian far-right leader Joerg Haider was a man's man. Stefan Petzner, the successor to Austrian right-wing populist leader Joerg Haider, has shocked...


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