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This Hanukkah, I’m Gonna Gaslight You for 8 Days! By Linda Sarsour

Some Hanukkah satire from the Daily Freier

Six Minutes That Cemented Pallywood Whining

Pallywood is celebrating 50 years since its ”victory” in the famous Six Minute War in 1967 (satire)

An Anti-Israel Activist Shares Her Resistance Experience

Zion Mike with some satire

New York Times Exclusive: An Op-Ed by Singer-Songwriter Charles Manson

Not far from what actually was published

Palestinian Unilaterally Disengages From British Man-Date

The Daily Freier joins the Staff of Israellycool in mourning one Big Naqba of a Breakup

A Letter To Mel Gibson

Time to come clean

If BBC News Reported On Sport

Warning: not for the satire impaired
hasmonean estate

Guest Post (Dickie Sliverstein): Archaeological Proof Of Palestinian Presence 6,000 Years Ago

Dickie feels the need to respond to an Israeli archaeological discovery

World Zionist Movement Unanimously Shuts Down After Being Shown Picture Of Neturei Karta Activists

Pro-Israel group left dumbfounded when presented with a picture of anti-Israel orthodox Jews.

WATCH: Waiting And Ready For Terrorists

Terrorists. Meet Danny. Danny's ready for you.

Guest Post (Dickie Sliverstein): Aussie Dave Misrepresented Me

Guest poster Dickie Sliverstein responds to Aussie Dave's post

Dafni Gafni Vs. Roger Waters

Dafni Gafni gives us a glimpse into the mind of the Roger Waters fan.

Don’t Leave The Germans Hanging

“We are seriously considering turning your account over to a collection agency called Mossad Collections Inc.”


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