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Intercepted Communications When Six Is Not Enough

I’m sure you are aware that the number 18 which means life is a holy number to Jews, so passing 18 anti-Israel resolutions would have increased Israel’s discomfort.

Transcript Of Negotiations Between Jeremy Corbyn and ISIS

Exclusive to Israellycool. We travelled to the future to bring you the negotiation of the century between the UK Labour Party and Islamic State.

How To Defeat ISIS Using Alternative Means

We don't have to go to war with ISIS. Here's how to defeat them.
Meet the press, Garry Trudeau, Charlie Hebdo, world of pain, Polk award

Garry Trudeau And The Powerful Poverty Politics Of Liberal Appeasement

Garry Trudeau says it's not okay to diss the powerless Muslims.

Barry Got Back By Sir Enrich A Lot

Barry's got our back

Israel Agrees To All BDS Terms

It's all over, BDS won.

Zionist Water Absorbing Facilities Of Death™

An inside look at the Zionists' latest ploy.

Guest Post (Dicky Sliverstein): Dam Zionists

Dickie busts the damn dam story wide open

Guest Post (Dickie Sliverstein): Now It’s Happened To Me!

Another guest post by our resident pest


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