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ScarJo Walks Away From OxFam

Scarlett Johansson has split from Oxfam, because of their promotion of BDS. And because she's awesome.

The Scarlett Avenger Takes On The BDSHole Bullies

With Scarlett Johansson being essentially bullied by the BDSHoles for supporting SodaStream, this is how I fantasize things will play out

Watching BDS Fail Has Never Been So Sexy

SodaStream would like to extend a warm thank you to BDS for the free publicity.

BDSHole Lets Down Guard

Mick Napier reveals the true aim of BDS

Scarlett Johansson Promoting Company Providing Jobs & Coexistence

With Hollywood star Scarlett Johansson coming under fire from BDSHoles and other assorted scum and villainy, it can't hurt to post this video from last year
Scarlett Johansson SodaStream commercial image Super Bowl 2014

Scarlett Johansson Blows Big Bubbles At SodaStream BDS

Introducing the bubbly new face of SodaStream worldwide.

Chanukah – Eighth Night

A bit of Scarlett Johansson (Jew) and Matt Damon (not a Jew) for the last night of Chanukah

Scarlett Thread

You probably already knew she was Jewish (as I revealed here, but it can't hurt to see her... saying it. http://www.youtube.com/v/ffKJuV_-TlU&hl=en_US&fs=1& Besides, any excuse to whip...

Bet You Didn’t Know They Were Jewish #7

Today's Jew: Is a well-known actress Has been named the "sexiest" or "most beautiful" woman alive by several publication Despite having stated that she has a connection...


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