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Caption This: Muhammed Desai Edition

Caption this photo of a press conference with South African celebrity-cum-BDS-Hole Shashi Naidoo and Muhammed Desai, Director of BDS South Africa and alleged me-too'er.

Shashi Naidoo Continues To Dig Herself a Bigger Hole

Naidoo gave an interview with South African TV after returning following her ban from entering Israel - and it's not a good look

Shashi Naidoo’s Reaction to Israel Entry Ban Speaks Volumes

It looks the mental warfare of BDS South Africa truly got to her

An Open Letter to Shashi Naidoo

Vijeta has something to say to fellow Indian Shashi Naidoo

Gareth Cliff on Shashi Naidoo: “You Are Watching Someone Give Up Any Dignity That...

I was curious to hear what Gareth thought about Shashi's capitulation to the Israel haters, and sure enough, he has weighed in on the issue, albeit before her infamous press conference with BDS South Africa

WATCH: Shashi Naidoo’s Awkward Press Conference with BDS South Africa

I may be wrong, but to me, Shashi Naidoo looks to me like a caged animal, saying things almost robotically

South African Celebrity Shashi Naidoo Gets Death Threats After Pro-Israel Comments

Barely a month after Gareth Cliff's highly publicized comments defending Israel, fellow South African celebrity Shashi Naidoo has done the same thing, earning the ire of the haters


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