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Shimon Peres Honors Prince Albert

No piercings were involved

WATCH: Naomi Campbell In Israel

The tall and the short of it

Supermodel Naomi Campbell “Loves The Energy” In Israel

Another high profile visitor

WATCH: Really Awkward Meeting Between Sean Penn and Shimon Peres

Sean meets Shimon in an awkward meeting

Gloria Gaynor Serenades Shimon In Hebrew (Twice)

Someone clearly asked for an encore performance

Bono Peres Lovefest! (Updated)

This is set to anger many BDSHoles

Michael Douglas In Israel; Rips BDSHoles

"Whoever boycotts Israel is against peace and is sabotaging it"

When Chelsea Met Shimon

Chelsea Handler meets former Israeli president and social media darling Shimon Peres
image Shimon Peres humorous

Shimon Peres New Career After Presidency

What next for Shimon Peres?
image Shimon Peres

Photo of the Day: Israeli Doves

A dove, known world-wide as messenger of peace and tolerance
image Pau Gasol , picture Gasol in Israel

Photo of the Day: Gasol is Tall

Pau Gasol on his first trip to Israel
image Ayaan Hirsi Ali,

Ayaan Hirsi Ali is a Champ – Updated

She was born into a Muslim family, but Brandeis students call her Islamophobic

Iran’s Supreme Leader: Supreme Jerk

And if you think his manners are bad, wait until you see his ability to come up with catchy names

CBS News’ Simmons Moment

Apparently Ariel Sharon and Shimon Peres had more in common than we thought
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