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Iran’s Supreme Leader: Supreme Jerk

And if you think his manners are bad, wait until you see his ability to come up with catchy names

CBS News’ Simmons Moment

Apparently Ariel Sharon and Shimon Peres had more in common than we thought

Shimon Peres Jingles Not Quite All The Way

At 90 years of age, Israeli President Shimon Peres amazes many people with the things he is able to do. Singing Jingle Bells is not one of them

Photo Of The Day: Honoring Hollande Edition

Notice anything particularly interesting about this photo?

The Rabin Assassination – Memoirs Of A Former Leftist

Today is the 18th anniversary of the assassination of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin according to the Julian Calendar.
photo Prince Denmark and President Israel, image royal viisit to Israel

The Prince and the President

Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark meets Israeli President Shimon Peres in Jerusalem

When Paula Met Peres

Singer Paul Abdul is here in Israel as a guest of the Tourism Ministry
We all should eat healthy sign

A Big Date for President Peres

President Shimon Peres opens his sukkah and thousands wait to come inside the gates

Shanah Tova

Rosh Hashanah is almost in the house

Photo Of The Day: Why Did The Peres Cross The Road Edition

Caption this. I dare you
photo Shimon Peres and Natan Sharansky

Facing Tomorrow without Israeli Flags

So say can you see an Israeli flag?

BDS Fail Of The Day

I take your Hawking and raise you a De Niro

BDS Fail Of The Day: REAL Lies About Theoretical Physicist (Updated)

Well done to the BDSHoles for managing to conjure up a BDS fail out of thin air


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