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Anti-Israel Celebrities Show off Their Hypocrisy

A group of US actors, athletes, musicians, scholars, and political figures have signed a statement by Dream Defenders, calling for the release of Ahed "Shirley Temper" Tamimi

The Associated Press’ Terribly Slanted Report on Shirley Temper

Karin Laub of the Associated Press has written a terribly biased report about the trial of Ahed Tamimi aka Shirley Temper

Shirley Temper’s Father Bassem Tamimi Pays Tribute to Terrorist Murderer of Rabbi

As many continue to demand Ahed "Shirley Temper" Tamimi's release from Israeli detention, father Bassem has provided us with a reminder as to what this family stands for.

New Zealand Israel-Haters Seem to Want Shirley Temper to Dye

A few days ago, I posted the pro-palestinian parenting fail from NZ. Now the same demographic seems to be failing again..or are they?

EXCLUSIVE: Shirley Temper’s Mother Actually Instructed Her to Cause Trouble with the Soldiers

What kind of mother would treat their child like this? 

A Whole Bunch of New Lies Surrounding Shirley Temper

More dishonesty from those who have mastered it

Roger Waters Praises ‘Shirley Temper’ and Lorde As “Courageous Young Women”

Roger Waters confirms what we already know about him -and none of it is good

Shirley Temper, Lovin’ It!

Yet another photo of Ahed "Shirley Temper" Tamimi in custody proves to be revealing

Wanna Play “Who’s Indigenous?”

Yes, let's

Debunking a Rumor: No, Shirley Temper Is Not a Mother With Child!

Debunking a rumor/conspiracy theory coming from our side

Shirley Temper: The Portrait of Dorian Blonde?

Could Shirley Temper be like Oscar Wilde's Dorian Gray?

WATCH: Palestinian’s Unintentionally Hilarious Video of Shirley Temper

Warning: contains corny attempts at poetry and lousy English


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