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Shirley Temper’s Idolization of Terrorists

Not just a propaganda tool

Guest Post (Kasim Hafeez): Get Over The Victimology

“So in summary, I’m sick of the Muslim worlds’ victimology, get over it!”

Diaa Hadid Does Shirley Temper

The poster child for Palestinian child abuse is photographed by the latest lethal journalist for the New York Times

AMZ Productions (of Oregon) Attack Israellycool; ‘Like’ Antisemitic Comment

The Shirley Temper enablers try to poke fun at Israellycool, but only dig themselves a bigger hole

Shirley Temper And Friends Working On New Movie

Shirley's acting career is really taking off

The Washington Post Betrays A Bias

When opinion is published as fact, well then Washington, we have a problem.

Muhammad Tamimi and the Case of the Ambidextrous Cast

Pallywood continuity goof.

Shirley Temper And Brother Follow The Script

Further evidence the Tamimi children are being trained for the cameras

WATCH: Pro Palestinian Admits Shirley Temper Is A Fraud

Where Israellycool even convinces a pro palestinian

Shirley Temper Is Real And Really Dangerous

The IDF needs the equivalent of an elite crowd control unit


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