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Israel Has Friends in One of the Most Politically Challenging Countries

In South Africa, there's an organization that promotes dialogue between the South African Jewish community and the broader South African faith, cultural, political and civil society communities

Israel Hater Argues South Africa Should Boycott Israel and Just ‘Take’ Our Water Secrets

Self-proclaimed "multimedia journalist" Rumana Akoob has written one of the most ridiculous things I have read in a while

Pro-Israel Posters: Israel and South Africa

Download and share these posters to spread the truth and counter the lies about Israel and Apartheid South Africa.

WATCH: No Lie Shall Prosper

A great little film that exposes the lie of "Israeli Apartheid" by those in the know.

Reader Post: A Shocking Headline – Israel Denies Entry To An Antisemite!

Reader Justin unloads on the South African Communist Party

Kippas Against Hate

Some positive news from South Africa

MUST WATCH: Muslim Rips BDSHoles

"They are not Muslims, they are barbarians!"

Reader Post: Guess Who’s Not Studying In Durban This Semester!

Reader Justin rips the Durban University of Technology and its student body representative a new one

Photo Of The Day: Welcome Terrorist!

South Africans protesting terrorist Leila Khaled being invited by BDSHoles to a speaking engagement

Reader Post: Another Pig Coming Out of South Africa

A South African official has been caught in all of his antisemitic glory


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