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Armed Palestinian Arrested In Johannesburg Near Israel Supporters

Palestinian terror attack averted in Johannesburg, South Africa?

12,000+ Rally In Johannesburg For Israel

Massive support from Johannesburg.

You Want To Know What Apartheid Is?

"our biggest success was when Mandela put himself in my position and went out of his way to understand my position"

Concentration Camp Gaza: Obesity Edition

The situation in Gaza is so dismal, people die from over-eating. Haha!

Israel State Archives To Reveal The Truth About South African Israel Relations

Israel did not sympathize with apartheid and did not support it.

Mahmoud Abbas States He Opposes BDS Of Israel

And the BDSHoles are livid!

R4BIA Weirdness At The Mandela Memorial Service

More R4BIA sightings

South African Jews, Get The Hell Out Of There!

Things are going from bad to worse

Friday Morning L’Chaim

A Friday pick-me-up before you go-go

South African BDSHoles Show Their True Colors (Twice)

It has not been a good week for BDSHoles in South Africa

BDSHoles Commemorate Holocaust Remembrance Day Their Way

South African BDSHoles use UN Holocaust Remembrance Day as an excuse to engage in some good old fashioned Israel demonization.

When Did You Stop Beating Your Kids?

Yet another Jew-hating South African all too quick to justify terrorism

Guest Post: Cosatu, Zionism, And The Jews of South Africa.

A guest post on the contempt and hate South African Jews deal with on a regular basis


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