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Another Israeli Kid Aims For The Stars

Our kids continue to do great things

All The Better To Spy On You My Dear

For the first time in 4 years we’ve put an artificial satellite in orbit.

Iranian Space Monkeys

Exclusive picture of the next Iranian in space

Israel And Iran: A Space Oddity

Israel is set to put another Israeli into space, while Iran sent a monkey!

Palestinian Space Cadets

Ever wondered why the palestinians have not sent anyone to the moon. Well, wonder no more!

Cleaning Out The Toilet

This tweet from a spaceman made me laugh this morning. What ever you're doing today, do it well. Aussie Dave adds: I really hope that's not...

Move Over Pigs – Zionists In Space

To infinity and beyond!

Photo Of The Day

Israel at night - from space

Open Thread: Teddies in Space Edition

Just don't call them Muppets.
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