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Fighting For Israel On Campus, Is Hillel Up To The Task?

It may have never been more dangerous for Jewish students on American college campuses than it is right now. Is it time to consider a new model in defending Jewish students and advocating for the Jewish state?

Famed Musician Phil Soussan Rips BDSHoles for Racism

Phil Soussan, you truly rock

Bruins For Israel Fight Back Against Antisemitic Onslaught

While most Jewish students on hostile campuses tend to try to keep their heads low, the students of UCLA have had enough

Devin Does Israel = Major BDS Fail

SJP bullies kvetch about UCLA leaders going on pro-Israel trips. Turns out SJP's own candidate went on one of those naughty Israel trips. Hilarity ensues.

Bruin Baral Beats BDS Bullies

Jewish candidate targeted by anti-Israel opponents wins UCLA election.

BDS Fail Of The Day: Brenner There, Done That Edition

Another fail from BDSHoles in Australia

Students for Justice in Palestine Intimidate Jewish Students With Mock Eviction Notices

Those anti-Israel students sure know how to party

Flashmob Fail of the Day

Behold this latest abomination!


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