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Women’s March’s Pathetic Statement on Antisemitism

Following heavy criticism over their tolerance of antisemitism, the Women's March finally came out with a statement denouncing antisemitism. Except it really didn't.

Mocking Nike? He Just Did It!

The Daily Freier is ready to show just how #Woke he is with the Wokiest set of Woke Memes this side of Wokeachusetts

WATCH: A Video Bound To Make Linda Sarsour & Tamika Mallory Feel Unwell

This video kept appearing in my Facebook feed until I could not ignore it any longer. And I am glad I didn't.

Farrakhan Fangirl & Israel Hater Tamika Mallory Axed From Australian Good Life Summit

Some good news from the land down under, with Woman's March co-founder Tamika Mallory being booted off the speaker's list of a major social policy conference, due to some recent disgraceful comments against the Jewish state

Tamika Mallory Thinks Hamas Use of Human Shields Can be Viewed as “Bravery”

Women's march co-founder Tamika Mallory cannot bring herself to condemn Hamas, and even seems to be praising them

Tamika Mallory in Israel Inadvertently Contradicts Linda Sarsour

Thank you Tamika for reminding everyone just how ridiculous are the accusations that Israel is an apartheid state

Antisemite & Women’s March Co-Founder Tamika Mallory In Israel To Spread Her Hatred

Fresh from bullying Starbucks into dropping the ADL from their anti-bias training, Women's March co-founder Tamika Mallory is now in Israel.

Women’s March Co-Founders Tamika Mallory & Linda Sarsour Attack Mainstream Jewish Group

Tamika Mallory and Linda Sarsour, we see you for what you are

As a Lefty Jew, How Do I Feel About Farrakhan? Hey Look! A Squirrel!

Wait, you still want to talk about how Linda Sarsour's anti-Zionism meshes with her support of a man who called Judaism a "gutter religion"?

The Left’s Hypocrisy When It Comes To Antisemitism

Where I doctor a photo to make an important point

Linda Sarsour’s Nonsensical Excuses For Praising Antisemite & Tolerating Jew Hatred

Myet more evidence Linda Sarsour is a complete fraud

I Don’t Hate Jews, I’m Just anti-Zioni…..Aww Screw It. Go Farrakhan!

Because when it comes to bringing the truth, Minister Farrakhan is dropping Knowledge Bombs. All. Day. Long. Like the time he called Judaism a 'gutter religion'.

As Women’s March Founders Silent on Farrakhan, Linda Sarsour Chimes In To Defend Another...

The rot runs deep among the Women's march leaders


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