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He Knew Me as Michelle

Orit's eulogy for one of the victims of the Temple Mount attack

How Strongly Do You Feel About Your Right to Pray?

When you allow guns and rockets and fireworks and axes and knives to be stored in your mosques - yeah, metal detectors.

Shot In The Back For Guarding A Mosque

It’s hard to say this attack had nothing to do with Islam.

WATCH: World Premiere of Music Video “The Mount And I”

Orit's latest in time for Trump's visit

UNESCO Is Too Far Gone To Save

The question is whether the entire UN is irredeemable too.

Czech Republic Knows History Unlike UNESCO

Our friends in the Czech Republic know how disgusting the UNESCO vote was.

Report: UNESCO Temple Mount Draft Resolution Set To Be Cancelled

A positive development but..

UNESCO Director-General Speaks Out Against Vote, But Gets Something Big Wrong

While I welcome Irina Bokova's words, she gets something horribly wrong

UNESCO’s List of “Deplorables” (Updated)

The latest insanity at UNESCO

Incitement And Child Abuse On The Temple Mount

More disturbing scenes

Reader Post: Why Blame UNESCO When The Israeli Government Is Culpable?

Reader Zahava says this isn't about UNESCO


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