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WATCH: Guitar Hero, Take 2

Two brothers, Varda's boys, deal with terror by making a spoof of guitar hero.

Peace Now Leader Slams Extrajudicial Killing Of… I Just Can’t…

Grade A extrajudicial asshattery right here folks.

Like A Mass Shooting Of 80 In America

Downplaying attacks on us is just the world’s usual method to exaggerate the inflated ire when we defend ourselves.

We Answer You With Life

Varda answers the terrorists by affirming the life force. So there. Nyah.

WATCH: Dr. Chan–Breaking News

Every Israeli war has its song. "Breaking News" is Varda's candidate for the "Knifefifada."

WATCH: The Shocking Not Shocking Indifference Of The State Department To The Murder Of...

The State Department Spokesperson had to acknowledge the death of Ezra Schwartz, but that doesn't mean he had to like it.

Hey Siri, How Many Murders Is That In France

Let us bury and mourn our dead, then let us find and destroy the terrorists and the ideology that sends them and lives next door and sometimes among us.

Ezra Schwartz: Someone’s Son, Someone’s Brother, Someone’s Childhood Friend

Ezra Schwartz was just a kid, and his childhood friends now have to deal with the fact that he was murdered in cold blood because he was a Jew.
The Murder Specialist And The Headache That Would Not Quit

The Murder Specialist And The Headache That Would Not Quit

Meet Varda, the murder specialist.

How Long Since Israel Was Hit With A Terror Attack?

Israelis: always coming up with cutting edge web tech to keep us informed.

The Worst Of Twitter (Paris Edition)

How not to react to a terror attack on Twitter.

“Stabbing Intifada” Interactive Terror Map

An interactive map that lists some 1500 attacks in the current wave of the Palestinian terror initiative

We Need To Be Badass

We must stop telling the world we're frightened.
photo of US-Israeli peace activist killed by terrotist

Sorry AP, No Excuses For Murder

There can be no excuses for stabbing a woman in the back


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