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The Media And Israel: Throw Enough Mud

Varda holds the media partly responsible for every Jew killed in a terror attack.

WATCH: Dramatic Day of Rage Success

When the Jew doesn’t die from being crashed into, the Arab has to hack him with a meat cleaver.

Israel Trusts In God But Bibi Didn’t Get The Memo

Varda trusts God, but does Bibi?

WATCH: What A Difference A Day Makes

New pictures and video from today in Jerusalem.

WATCH: Say My Name, Say My Name, Jeremy (Updated)

Perhaps Jeremy Corbyn follows the Iranian Press TV Style guide and only refers to Israel as the “Zionist Entity”?

It’s Good To Say Thank You

I just called the police.

Arab Social Media Going On A Wild Goose Chase

Another falsehood being peddled by the Arab media

Zion Mike Presents … The Call

It’s good to know we have the sharpest tool in the Oval Office.
image arab girls

Paris Blame Islam: Kristof vs Choudary

"Whoever insults a Prophet kill him."

Israeli Security Services In War On Christmas #HowCNNWouldReport

Israel finds a huge stash of extremely dangerous riot weapons in boxes labeled Christmas decorations.

Shameful Reactions

Jews murdered while praying and the excuses and revolting reactions follow.

How CBC Would Report

Breaking news from Canada's national broadcaster.

These Are Not The Spontaneous Displays Of Rage You’re Looking For

Spyer: "this is not, in my view, simply an outbreak of strange, spontaneous fury"

Would You Allow This In Your Country? (Updated)

Does billboard in the Israeli city of Nazareth calling for Arabs to kill Jews with their cars?


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