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My People Are Under Fire

There is real evil that sits on the footsteps of our Jewish state - evil that if unleashed, will cover the land with darkness and death

Talk About a Smoking Gun! BDS Umbrella Group Has Financial Ties to Palestinian Terror...

Thanks to a new report by Tablet, we now have proof of a financial relationship between a prominent BDS group and terrorist organizations
Lauren Booth hamas

Lauren Booth Defends Hamas’ Right to Fire Rockets At Israeli Civilians

I guess there is nothing surprising about "journalist" Lauren Booth tweeting her support for the terrorists firing rockets at Israeli civilians, including kindergarten children

US Police Allowing Officers To Fire at Moving Vehicles To Stop Ramming Attacks

Police in Washington, New York City, Chicago and Las Vegas have revised their shooting policies to allow officers to fire at moving vehicles to stop vehicle ramming attacks.

Palestinian Medics Initially Blame Israel For Deaths of Terrorists Killed In “Work Accident”

Earlier today, 4 palestinians were killed in a blast. Palestinian medics immediately pointed the finger at Israel.

Confirmed: Almost All Those Killed At “March of Return” Were Terror Org Members

Another strong indication that the IDF was not shooting indiscriminately, and really was targeting those engaged in terror and violence

WATCH: The Family Guy’s Take on Terror Charities

It's funny even though there is probably too much truth to it.

WATCH: Kay Wilson Relives The Terror Attack That Maimed Her & Claimed Life of...

Israellycool contributor Kay Wilson relives the day she was left for dead by palestinian terrorists - while her friend was murdered.

To Kill A Jew

According to the Israel haters, this is not a religious conflict, but territorial; we are targeted because we are occupiers, and not because we are Jews. This terrorist did not get the memo.

The “Good Old Days” of Terrorism

It sounds silly, even offensive, doesn't it. To think that there were "good old days of terrorism" - but bear with me for a second

Students for Justice in Palestine’s Latest Public Support of Terrorism

Another sickening, public show of support for murderers of men, women and children

ISM Commemorates International Women’s Day With Tribute to Terrorist

The ISM, who claim they are all about "Non-violence", let down their guard on International Women's Day

NYC Students for Justice in Palestine Caught Expressing Public Support for Hamas & Terrorism

A post by NYC SJP - very explicit in its support of Hamas and calls for the terrorism to continue - has come to light


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