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UK Israel Haters Show Solidarity With Terrorist Who Stabbed Young Boy

Evil again on display in the UK

Israel Flushes Out Location Of Wanted Terrorist – Before Turning Him Into Manure

Old and busted: Pooper scooper. New hotness: Pooper shooter.

Ding Dong! The Kuntar Is Dead

You reap what you sow, and this sow has now met the reaper

Hey “Progressives,” This Is Your “Peace Partner!”

Palestinians erect new monument to honour terrorist who killed 2, leaving a 2 year-old in critical condition.

Palestinians Marry Off Two Ghouls

Old and busted: Four Weddings and a Funeral New hotness: A Funeral and a Wedding

Terrorist “Detained But Ready To Mingle”

Not from the Onion

Gazan ISIS Terrorist Meets The Reaper

A cautionary tale

Gaza Kindergarten Play From Hell

Another generation is indoctrinated with hate and bloodlust in Gaza

Separated At Birth: Witches Edition

Evil and evil looking

Israel Shoots Teen In The Face With A Gas Grenade

Click here to see Pallywood and a war crime in under 40 seconds!

Conflicted Terrorist Of The Day


Success! UNESCO Backtracks On “Journalist” Abdullah Murtaja

Where an Israellycool post helps bring about change


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