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image Santa Claus figure in Old City

Photo of the Day: Santa

Imagine man with white beard attracting attention in Old City
image Indian workers in Santa hats at Jaffa Gate

Good Vibrations: India And Israel

Indian Santas march to Bethlehem
image Israeli solider and Arab man and woman

Photo of the Day: Hanukkah Sweet Service

Jerusalem bakery BDS fail
image Old City Jerusalem selfie

Photo of the Day: Sigd Selfie

Selfie with the Old City impossible a few years ago
image M Abbas on screen talking of Israel ethnic cleaning Jerusalem

Fires Stoked And Flames Going, Not Just in Jerusalem

Official PA media is urging young people to be violent.
image Gays Israel

Photo of the Day: Rainbow Flags

Rainbow colored flags flying over Jerusalem

Tony Bennett with Lady GaGa in Israel

Backstage with @ladygaga - Shalom from Israel
image apartheid Israel

Photo of the Day: Israel Bank Apartheid

Jaffa Road was getting back to old routine
Michael Bloomberg speaking in Jerusalem

Bloomberg Fires Back on CNN

Must see response to questions in CNN interview
image dirty water

Journalist Word of the Night: Scum

"Get lost you Zionist scum"
image Israeli soldier

Israel Under Fire: 15 Seconds

Tired of hearing reporters exclaim how Israel has had so few causalities
image men sleeping on public bench

Photo of the Day: Jerusalem Caught Napping

Same old, same old.

The Messenger, The Saga Continues

More of this inspirational story
image Palestinian woman, photo Arab woman

Arab Women Be Careful

An Arab woman was alone at the same bus stop.


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