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The Messenger, The Saga Continues

More of this inspirational story
image Palestinian woman, photo Arab woman

Arab Women Be Careful

An Arab woman was alone at the same bus stop.
image Shimon Peres, photos of Israeli President

Jewish Media Views on Israel and Jewish World

Yom Kippur is a Jewish holiday, we agree on that and what else?
image Jerusalem Light Festival

More than Arab Girl Photos

Will real photos share as fast as fake ones?
image Arab woman with Israeli women

Photo of the Day: The Party Crasher

Today at the Kotel there were tens of thousands of people on the Western Wall Plaza.  The usual groups of foreign tourists were out...
image Knesset Israel, photo flags Israel

Photo of the Day: Israeli Knesset

Over Israeli Knesset were three puffs of clouds,
Israeli flag

Jerusalem Day Flag Parade

Crowd to the Western Wall stretched as far as one could see
image Jaffa Gate, photo security pope, picture Pope in Israel

Photo of the Day: Pope Francis in Jerusalem

Monday morning Pope Francis is to make a quick visit to the Western Wall.
photo Holyland, picture of Holyland, view of Jerusalem with Holyland

Photo of the Day: Holyland

Grey clouds hovered over Jerusalem, Israel today
image man dressed in long skirt.

Photo of the Day: Eurovision – Jerusalem Style

Like the Eurovision 2014 winner, but Jerusalem style.

Yom Hashoa – Holocaust Remembrance Day 5774

#NeverForget #WeAreHere

It’s Passover, Easter and Ridvan, Let’s Throw Rocks

Under Jordanian occupation, the Old City was off limits to all Jews, now tens of thousands of visitors arrive

Passover: Beware of Google Translate

What happened to those Bloody beans?


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