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The Jerk From Turkey Has Beef With Protester

Terdogan has been caught on video slapping a protester and screaming an anti-Israel slur
TOI Writers Left Hanging

TOI Writers Left Hanging

No need to ask how it's hangin' at the Times of Israel.
image Armenian genocide, photo Armenian Holocaust remembered.

Photo of the Day: Armenian Genocide Remembered

Some photos you forget, but some just stay in your memory.

Recep Erdogan: Pitch Imperfect

Remember when Turkish Prime Minister Recep got kicked in the the groin by a horse? Years later, it seems like he never recovered
knife man

IHH Offices Raided Due To Alleged Al Qaeda Connection

I'm sure you'll all be shocked by the latest developments

Lethal Camel Cocktail

Some posts just write themselves

R4BIA T-Shirts Now In! Get ‘Em While They’re Hot

It didn’t take very long for the forces of commerce and trade to get a new symbol of protest (and anti-Zionism) onto a T-Shirt and on sale in Jerusalem.

Sinem Tezyapar Sounds Like A Turkish Delight

Sinem Tezyapar, Turkish political commentator and executive producer, has written an important piece for the Jewish Journal

Our Latest Weapon Helps Stuff Up Turkey

Zionist Telekinesis Of Doom.TM
Dr Mehmet Oz posing for photo with fans

BDS Fail of the Day with Dr Oz

Dr Oz comes to Israel, what a major BDS Fail

Zionist Falcon Captured In Turkey

IAF's secret Turkish base exposed.

John Kerry You Revolt Me

Secretary of State for the United States can't tell the difference between murderous terroists and Bostonians who went to cheer their family across the finish line of a marathon armed only with enthusiasm and joy.

The Return Of Foreskin Man: Fatwa In The Making

He's back, and this time he's set to piss off Muslims!

British Anti-Israel “Activists” Raped In Libya

Some flotillards have learned the hard way that there are way worse problems in the world than the supposed terrible conditions in Gaza


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