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I Can Barely Get To Two

Shimon Peres seems to be having trouble counting

Shirley Temper, A Turkish Delight

Ahed Tamimi is touring Turkey, bringing message of terror, death and child abuse

Turk Ripped For Being Jerk

Old and busted: The Turkish Mavi Marmara incident New hotness (yet still busted): The Turkish Marbles Mammary incident

Photo Of The Day: Knocking The Stuffing Out Of Turk Edition

Israel's Josef Palelashvili fights Turkey's Sezer Huysuz in Olympics judo action

Saturday Night Blasphemy Quiz

Can you guess in which Muslim country a man was charged with blasphemy for a Twitter post?

IHH’s Alledged Al Qaeda Connection

The president of the IHH, backers of the Mavi Marmara flotilla, is being investigated for allegedly financing al-Qaeda

More On The Israeli Climber Who Saved a Turk

Yesterday, I posted about the Israeli climber who saved the Turk, a mere 300 meters from the summit. Here's more on what he did

Israeli Climber Saves Turk

Bonus: In process, abandons dream to complete Everest climb, only 300 meters from summit!

Zionist Bee-Eater of Death

Introducing the latest addition to our Zionist Death Bird family

The Turkish Barber With An Axe To Grind

This story is already a few days old but, heck, it's too good to pass up

Hamas’ Haniyeh Heads for Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain & Iran, Meshal Visits Jordan

After completing a tour of Turkey, Egypt, Sudan, and Tunisia, Hamas’ Ismail Haniyeh left for Qatar, Kuwait, and Iran as part of his new tour.

Turkey is Hamas’ New Primary Funder

New reports suggest that Hamas's primary source of funds is Turkey!

Wassup Recep?

Last week, Turkish prime Minister Tayyip Erdo?an denied rumors he was suffering from cancer. Which begs the question: why did he remain silent about the rumors for so long?

Hello…Is There Anybody IN There…

The Turkish Tourism Office in Tel-Aviv seems like a lonely place these days.


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