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I’m Outraged Says Ban Ki-moon

UNRWA school holding rockets sits between two other schools brimming full of the wretched refuse of Gaza’s teeming shore, huddled in masses.

Ban Ki-Moon, Will You Please Go Now?

Dr Seuss with an important message

The Answer To My Question: UNRWA Supplies Weapons To Hamas Terrorists

Throw @ChrisGunness out of Israel and begin closing @UNRWA down.

Sorry Is Not Enough UN (Updated)

20 rockets were found in a @UNRWA school (!) in #Gaza, UN officials confirmed.
Israeli flag

“I Read It With A Magnifying Glass”

Looking for any combination of the words "Hamas" and "condemn". I have failed to find it

Rachel Fraenkel Addresses UN

The mother of Naftali today addressed the world's most useless body about the plight of the boys

Danny Ayalon Rips The UN In New Video

Well played, Danny. Well played.

New Job Opening With UNRWA: Those Skilled With Photoshop Desired

Attention all social media gurus and ninjas: there's a new job opening in Israel. With the UN!

UN Takes Sides Against Israel..For “Peace”

Nothing about the UN should surprise us

Pinch Me: I Don’t Exist

It seems the entire world recognizes Palestine, a state that doesn't exist, while Israel, a sovereign nation, has a question mark hanging over its head.

UN to Israel: “You Have Violated Syria’s Fargin’ Rights”

Hillel Neuer, the most hated man at the UN's 'Human 'Rights' Council, does it again.

Exclusive! Outtakes From Bibi Rehearsing For UN Speech

Bibi goes for some memes

Bibi Does The UNGA

His speech in full


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