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Nasrallah wipes

When Pigs Fly (And Lie)

Chief Hizbully Hassan Nasrallah says he's ready to go fight in Syria if need be

This Is Not Star Trek, Philip Hammond, This Is Real Life

What's the difference between UNSC-1701 and NCC-1701?

Rice Really Really Raps Falk

Don't mince your words Ambassador Rice!

EU Awarded Nobel Peace Prize

Yep, that's not a typo

Punking Ban-ki

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon has been punked

Coming Soon

I couldn't resist

Foreign Press Photographers’ Portrayal Of Bibi At The UNGA

Predictably disgraceful

Live: Abbas And Bibi Speeches At The UN General Assembly

As at the time of this post, PA President Mahmoud Abbas is lying his ass off speaking. Bibi to follow

Bibi Goes To New York

Video of Israeli PM Binyamin Netanyahu touching down in New York. And then it gets weird.
un soldier


I have a hunch this is Photoshopped, but at this point in time who cares?

U.N Me

Must. See. This

Pat Condell On Israel And The United Nations

Pat certainly has a way of cutting through the bullshit

It Only Takes A Minute Dear…

To blame Israel for everything that's wrong in the world.

Protecting Ban Ki

UN General Secretary Ban Ki Moon gets himself a new accessory


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