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If You’re Surprised By US Abstention, You Don’t Understand the Left

It's time to get out from under that rock you've been hiding under

“Palestine Day”: The UN’s Brazen History Revisionism

It is as if the Arab rejection of the Partion Plan and subsequent threats, violence and war of annihilation never happened

Stop Saying The UN Created Israel

Don't let anyone tell you the UN is responsible for creating the State of Israel

This Tells You All You Need To Know About The UN In Israel

A photo that's worth a thousand words

Do Palestinians Deserve A State?

Which terrorist atrocity was it that finally convinced you they deserve a state?

So, I Hear My Israeliness Bothers You

We are here, in our land of Israel, and we’re not going anywhere.

Anti-Semites Of The World – Rejoice!

There is no point in leaders of the free world condemning antisemitism when they themselves contribute so much towards it.

Reader Post: Venezuela’s Ambassador Accuses Israel of Seeking “Final Solution” For Palestinians

Any person with a modicum of sensibility can see that the statement of the “honorable ambassador” is blatantly untrue

Three Things Clinton Can Do Right Now To Reassure Pro-Israel Voters

Even while she is still campaigning, she can demonstrate that her promises are more than just words
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