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Isn’t It Time To Defund The UN Yet?

How much longer will the US Congress keep footing the bill for this disastrous organization?

WATCH: Human Rights Abusers Try To Silence UN Watch

"They can censor at home, but they cannot censor us at the United Nations."

Why You Can’t Take The UN Seriously

The United Nations... blaming Israel... again...and again... and again
ban ki moon

Ban Ki-Moon? You Bet We Should!

The UN reaches a new low

Live: Bibi Addresses UN General Assembly

Happening now

Explosive Revelations About UNHRC From UN Watch

UN Watch claims Saudi Arabia trades votes to obtain its seat on the UNHRC

It’s Official. The United Nations Hates Women.

UN is a giant bowl of wrong.

The Fallacy Of The “Mutually Agreed Swaps” Formulation

A UN mandate on Israel to reach a "mutual agreement" with the Palestinian Authority would be a thinly veiled insistence that Israel capitulate entirely to Palestinian Arab demands

Schabas Resignation Letter Details PLO Sympathy

It's clear from his own resignation letter that Schabas acted out of personal sympathy for the PLO and the Palestinian Authority.
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